With over 40 years’ experience of working in, on and under water with trained commercial divers and boatmen in the management team, Topbond are well equipped to undertake works in this demanding environment.

Topbond have undertaken the repair and refurbishment of many marine and waterway structures in both tidal and non-tidal waters, these have included the following works:

Jetty and Quay Refurbishment (Steel, Timber, Concrete), Fendering, Piling, Concrete Repairs, Sprayed Concrete, Cathodic Protection, Anode Installation, Mooring Solutions, Navigational Aids, Demolition, Bridge Refurbishment, Bearing Replacement, Parapet Upgrades, Carbon Fibre Strenghthening, Platipus and Cintec Anchors, Scour and Erosion Protection, Culverts and Outfalls, Survey and Testing.

Access by boat or barge can offer significant advantages and cost savings over traditional access methods and Topbond own a range of water-borne craft to undertake works in the marine environment.  Craft used will be approved by either the local port authorities (i.e. PLA) and / or the MCA. 

In additonal our footbridge design and build division, Intaspan, is often called upon to erect bridges over water.