Brickwork Repairs and Cintec Anchoring

thumb_Image025The brick bridge over the River Roding at Abridge in Essex was in poor condition, but as a Grade II listed structure it was necessary to find a solution which would be both functional and aesthetic.

CINTEC anchors were selected to strengthen the bridge. These work by means of a special ‘sock’ which is inserted into holes diamond drilled into the brickwork. These ‘socks’ are then injected with grout which expands and seeps into any voids, providing a very strong bond.

As approved applicators of this system, Topbond installed the CINTEC anchors, working from boats to gain access.

To provide further support, Topbond also installed 20mm diameter tie bars and patress plates.

Finally, Topbond carried out brickwork and masonry repairs to the bridge.