Futuristic Column Casing for Office Reception Area

thumb_hjek_charterhouse11Specialist joiners Howard Joinery had all their skill and ingenuity put to the test when they were asked to fabricate a column casing for one of their office developer clients.

Designed to conceal a column in the entrance foyer of a prestige office development, the casing is an 8-sided tapering elliptical section column. Produced in timber and covered in stainless steel laminate, the casing presented a challenge to Howard Joinery’s skilled staff because of its unusual contours, which necessitated extreme precision in forming the joints. A further complication was added by the need to contour the base to fit onto steps on one side and a ramp on the other.

The piece was produced at Howard Joinery’s Dover works and taken to the client’s premises in two halves for fitting on site.

The casing was designed to look like a ship’s funnel, but with its metallic finish and lights, it was affectionately dubbed the ‘Dalek’ by the staff at Howard Joinery – a name which seems to have stuck!