Static Load Testing - Swindon

thumb_static_load_4_test_rig_general_view_swindon_brunel_mscpMany of the concrete multi-storey car parks built in the 1960s and 1970s are beginning to show signs of wear and tear and as a result of new interim guidance on the inspection and maintenance of Multi-storey car parks issued by the ICE, major inspection programmes are currently underway.

Structural survey and testing specialists HTS have undertaken inspections of various car parks throughout the United Kingdom, working for clients such as Swindon Borough Council, the Corporation of London, Northampton City Council, Kirklees MBC, Connaught parking services and structural engineering consultancies.

For one such project – on the Brunel West MSCP in Swindon – identified fins were tested using a static load applied at bumper height, to simulate vehicular impact loading, from a hydraulic ram inserted between the fin and the test rig bolted to the deck.

Details of the load - deflection and the mode of failure were collected for each fin and included within a comprehensive report.

HTS’ prior risk assessment of the exercise identified the need for each fin to be doubly attached to a roof level winch to prevent any failing fins from falling.

Subsequently HTS tendered a won a contract to design and install replacement fins supplemented by an inner line using a proprietary sprung barrier system.


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