thumb_picture1 As part of engineering consultancy Hill Cannon's assessment of existing NCP car parks in Birmingham, HTS were required to carry out a series of surveys, inspections and testing services on the structures.

 The HTS 'Ferroscan service' has proven very popular with structural engineers for two key reasons.  The survey technique can rapidly gather data thus ensuring a more representative understanding of the reinforcement arrangement is gained.  The surveys can be supported by small, localised breakouts to physically confirm the diameter of the reinforcement, thus saving time and costs.

 Additionally, the data collected from the 600mm square test panel is stored in a digital format for subsequent evaluation and reporting. The results are displayed as a pictorial image thus ensuring the reinforcement can be located (for physical inspection) or avoided (when coring into the concrete).

 Alternatively large areas can be scanned collecting details of the spacing and depth of reinforcement whilst giving an audible signal at reinforcement shallower than a prescribed value.

  The HTS service provides the best combination of reduced costs and accurate data collection and is more cost-efficient than buying or hiring the equipment for infrequent use.  Our operatives are fully trained and arrive at the site ready to commence the survey immediately with regularly maintained and calibrated instruments.

 In this example, HTS's scope of work included other complementary services such covermeter surveys, half-cell potential surveys, measurement of the depth of carbonation as well as laboratory analysis to determine the chloride content, compressive strength of the concrete and petrographic analysis


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