Concrete Inspection and Repairs to Screens Gantry

thumb_benergy_concrepairs_06_lowqualCorrosion damage to reinforced concrete structures is a common problem at nuclear power stations. They have been built at coastal locations to benefit from uninterrupted access to large volumes of seawater for cooling purposes. Unfortunately, coastal weather conditions cause saturation of concrete structures with very high chloride levels often resulting in premature corrosion of reinforfcement.

Hydra Technical Services, HTS, were required to carry-out concrete inspections and condition testing on the external gantry structure at Hartlepool Power Station. Then, following the consulting engineers report and their subsequent repair design, HTS won the separate contract to carry-out concrete repairs to the structure.

Although the repair techniques were straightforward, all our site staff had to obtain the required special security and safety clearance and training before any work could commence. HTS are now in a position to offer a testing and repairs service utilising our trained and approved staff for other British Energy site work around the UK.