Testing to Simulate Vehicle Impact on Perimeter Barriers of MSCP - Leicester

thumb_lee_circle_mscp_leicester_hts_hill_cannon_cover_photoHTS are specialists in non-destructive testing of concrete multi-storey car park structures (MSCP’s) and also carry out as built surveys, defect surveys, laboratory testing, recommend repairs and repair and refurbish the structures.

Sometimes however, destructive testing is required to establish the reserve capacity within a structure. In this example the perimeter barrier of NCP’s Lee Circle MSCP in Leicester was investigated. HTS were appointed by Hill Cannon to use a test rig capable of loading the edge barrier up to failure whilst at the same time collecting data about the barrier’s performance under load. The information would be used in part to determine whether or not expensive additional parapet barrier protection would be required in order to meet relevant barrier standards.

The test was conducted to simulate a vehicle impact on the edge barriers. During the test the barrier did not fail at maximum loading-however, a scaffold catch-pad, identified in the Risk Assessment, was installed externally. The test-rig was constructed within the car park bays to provide a reaction for the horizontal load with minimal disruption to users.

With this type of one-off testing, all data from the test must be captured in real-time. HTS developed an electronic recording system capable of measuring both the load and the displacement of the edge barrier — the readings were recorded directly onto a data logger and simultaneously on a laptop. In addition, a digital video recording of the load testing was made for the client.


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