20m Span Steel and Timber Footbridge - Portishead, North Somerset

thumb_picture2Intaspan were commissioned by Bideem Construction Ltd to design and construct a 20m long steel/timber footbridge in Portishead, North Somerset. The footbridge was part of a highway improvement scheme by North Somerset Council.

The footways on the existing road bridge on the A36 were not wide enough to carry a safe crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists at the same time. To resolve these safety issues a 3m wide footbridge was proposed to be built alongside the existing road bridge over the Portbury ditch.

The footbridge subframe was made of steel girders and painted in Portishead Blue. The hardwood timber known as Ekki (Lophira Elata) was chosen as decking for its known durability and visual aesthetic. When tooled with a grooved surface, the finished deck obviated the need for further non-slip surfacing costs. To be used as a cycleway P4 code parapets were required and these were also constructed in Ekki timber.

The finished footbridge has now removed the footway safety hazard from the main carriageway whilst providing an attractive and useful feature-blending well with its environment for many years to come.


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