Our new 135 t Hydraulic Crawler Crane can fix to our Jackup barge for marine projects, or suitable for heavy civil bridges piling, rail etc.

hydraulic crawler crane


Crane Boom Max Lifting Capacity: 135 t x 4.5m 
  Max Length: 76.2m 
Luffing Boom Max Lifting Capacity: 80 t x 8.0m
  Max Length: 47.9m 
Long Boom Max Lifting Capacity: 44.3 t x 10.6m
  Max Length: 51.8m - 82.3m 
Fixed Jib Max Lifting Capacity: 28.8 t x 16.0m
  Max Length: 61.0m + 30.5m
Luffing Jib Max Lifting Capacity: 36 t x 12.0m
  Max Length: 44.8m + 53.3m
Max Length: 47.9m + 32.0m
Main & Aux Winch    Max Line Speed: 120 m/min (1st Layer)
Related Line Pull: 132 kN {13.5 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter: 26mm
Wire Rope Length: 275m (main)
Wire Rope Length: 255m (aux)

For quotations please contact:  Martin Kitajewski on 01795 414050 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.