Topbond currently have 2 PAMs (Positioner, Actuator and Manipulator)

A PAM is a mechanised tool holder which allows an operator to achieve a high level on productivity whilst breaking out defective concrete.  The PAM has the following significant benefits

  1. It relieves the operator from the physical effort of holding or manoeuvring the breaker – so diminishes concerns regarding manual handling injuries
  2. It isolates the operator from the breaker – so diminishes hand arm vibration injuries
  3. It only uses a small quantity of water to suppress dust so has the following environmental benefits –
    1. Saves approximately 6000 gallons of potable water per day
    2. Save time and cost associated with the containment of spent water
    3. Eliminates the cost of waste water collection and disposal
    4. Eliminates the transport cost of disposing of waste water
    5. Reduces the of diesel fumes generated by using a small efficient compressors
    6. Reduces the potential for accidental environmental pollution from the retained waste water