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Rudyard Lake has been a centre for leisure activities for over 200 years. The lake was built in 1797 to provide water for the canal system and is in fact a reservoir rather than a lake. The lake is still a major source of water for the Trent & Mersey canal system and is owned by

British Waterways. Over 2.5 miles long is the largest straight stretch of water in England outside the Lake district
The name Rudyard came from Ralph Rudyard who is alleged to have killed Richard III. The lake gave its name to Rudyard Kipling whose parents first met at a party by its shores and had such a particular love for it that they named their child after it.

Topbond were engaged to remove the existing penstock and replace with a new hydraulically operated system. The works comprised of underwater concreting, cutting and diamond drilling in zero visibility to high tolerances.
Topbond also carried out confined space inspections and repairs to the structures and M&E systems, tunnels, culverts and valve tower using in-house Engineers, Masons and Carpenters.
All works were completed within a tight timescale.