Topbond were recently able to put their specialist marine skills to use in the upgrading of the mooring facilities at London Docklands.

The existing mooring facilities required improvement to accommodate Superyachts—a new breed of very large yacht (over 100m in some cases) which has become more popular in the last 10-15 years.

To accommodate these large vessels the existing mooring bollards needed to be replaced by bow moorings.  This involved strengthening the existing foundations to bear the 20 tonne loading capacity of the bollards.   Resin anchors were used to fix reinforcement to the existing masonry and then HD bolts were cast in the concrete.  The new mooring bollards were positioned over the HD bolts.

A previous inspection had revealed an unidentified object below the surface which could clearly have been a hazard to any vessels coming into the dock.  Our team of specialist divers undertook a thorough inspection of the area and were able to ascertain that this item was a submerged oil tank.

Concrete sinkers were also required to take the yachts’ mooring lines.   A mobile telescopic crane was used to lift the sinkers into the water.  Lifting bags  were  then attached to manoeuvre the sinkers into the correct positions, before divers were sent down to release the lifting tackle. The dock reportedly hosted £1 billion worth of superyachts during the Olympic Games.  The close proximity of the moorings meant that the placement had to be undertaken with pin-point accuracy.