TOPLIFT is a multicat workboat with multi-purpose capability offering large deck cargo capacity, twin deck cranes, shallow draft, fresh water and fuel cargo tanks, spud legs and winch capability. Classed to MCA Category 2 (60 nautical miles from a safe haven) our Multicat Workboat is ideal for carrying out a variety of functions within the Construction, Port and Offshore renewables industries. In addition to its sea going classification the innovative design of the vessel allows our Multicat Workboat to be transported by road, giving greater flexibility as to possible deployment times, areas and costs.

Multicat Workboat Capabilities include:

  • Marine construction and engineering projects,
  • Support vessel for offshore tower and cable installation
  • Offshore Inspection work including the monitoring and maintenance of coatings, corrosion control systems and structures (piles and towers)
  • Diving operations / support
  • Scour remediation works / monitoring
  • Cable repair support
  • Survey work
  • Rope access and confined entry work
  • Scaffolding work
  • Removal of marine growth / cleaning
  • Buoy maintenance
  • Pontoon / Harbour Maintenance
  • Fuel and water supply


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