Shotblasting, repainting and panel replacementthumb_29062008680

Topbond worked closely with the term contractor Fitzpatrick and Essex County Council on this project to execute a scheme which presented a number of challenges - a footbridge at a busy location, in a railway environment where careful planning and strict adherence to programme were paramount.

In order to reduce disruption, it was decided to remove the footbridge and refurbish it off-site.  The bridge was removed during a weekend night-time possession using a tandem lift with 2 100 tonne mobile cranes operated by CPCS certified crane drivers to a pre-agreed lifting plan.  Detailed method statements and risk assessments were prepared and approved prior to commencement of works to ensure the safety of both the public and those involved in the works.  

Once on site and after a detailed safety briefing, Topbond's PTS trained staff had to loosen the holding down bolts on the bridge and then 10 tonne hydraulic jacks were used to lift the bridge to free the bearings.  The bridge span was lifted out and the splice removed prior to loading on to vehicles in two sections.  These sections were then transported off site for refurbishment.

The mesh and aluminium bridge panels were removed and disposed of and the bridge cleaned using shotblasting methods and repainted using an approved paint system.  New 316 stainless steel mesh and deformed aluminium panels were then affixed to the bridge prior to its re-installations.  It was essential that these works were completed to schedule since the possession date for re-installation was fixed and any delays would have caused considerable problems, not to mention political embarrassment.

Re-installation again took place on a weekend night-time possession.  The two bridge sections were transported back to site, re-spliced and then the bridge was crane back into place - all within the allotted possession time. 

 This was a high profile project and Topbond were pleased to receive very positive feedback.  The council were highly satisfied with the job, with one councillor describing it as "a fantastic job" and commenting "I have not had one complaint during the whole replacement process".