Repairs to Timber Railway Viaduct

thumb_Caersws2Caersws Viaduct is an 11 span single track timber viaduct originally built in about 1860 and reconstructed in about 1927 across the River Severn in Wales.    The total span of the viaduct is 66m (11 6m spans).

An earlier inspection had revealed some rotting timbers and Topbond were given the task of replacing the defective timbers.

They were given a 1 week possession to carry out the works, which meant having three shifts working round the clock to get the works completed.  All works were undertaken by PTS trained staff employed by the Topbond Group.

The works involved replacing the rotted timbers with Greenheart timber in the piles, main bearers, corbels and cross bracings.

Due to a combination of careful planning and excellent teamwork and cooperation by all the staff involved, Topbond managed to complete the works ahead of schedule.

Timber railway bridges are very unusual in the UK, so it is pleasing to think that Topbond have been able to make a contribution to retaining a part of the country's railway heritage.