Repairs to railway bridge

thumb_cray_viaductCray Viaduct is a nine arch brick Rail structure, situated between St Mary Cray and Swanley stations in Orpington, Kent.

The structure required remedial brick works by Edmund Nuttall Rail as part of their Construction Partnership contract with Network Rail.

Most elements of the structure were required to be repaired including the brickwork piers, arch soffits, spandrel rings and parapets of the Northern (ie the older) half of the viaduct.

The works carried-out by Topbond comprised the percussive drilling of dowel holes for fitting and grouting stainless steel stitching dowels to both existing and replaced brickwork.

Additionally, Topbond undertook the repair of cracked existing brickwork and pressure grouting using polymeric grouts to fill the voids, including between the viaduct arch rings.

Performance checks on the applied grout materials were also undertaken.

The work was completed to the satisfaction of our client. Our site management, client liaison and technically-aware staff received particular mention from our client’s Site Manager.