Repairs to concrete railway bridge

thumb_hts_crichton_bridge_group_1-16Acting as principal contractor to York City Council, HTS carried out repairs to Crichton Avenue Rail Bridge, a twin span concrete bridge crossing the railway line between York and Scarborough. Each span of the bridge comprises 13 steel beams which are encased in concrete and support a reinforced concrete deck which is monolithic with the concrete beam encasement.

Using a series of overnight track possessions, the following works were carried out:

Removal of weakened concrete cover to beam bottom flanges, then blast-cleaning exposed steel and applying a paint system. Blast cleaning and carrying out concrete patch repairs to the concrete beam downstand side encasements, deck soffits and edge beam facades, including treatment of concrete surfaces (and bridge deck top) with Sika ‘Ferrogard’ and coating of concrete surfaces beneath bridge with elastic anti-carbonation paint.
Removal of all carriageway, kerb and footway construction and blast-cleaning of exposed concrete deck.
Covering exposed concrete deck.

Excavation of lateral trenches behind each abutment and their reinstatement with foamed concrete.
Applying a sprayed waterproof membrane to the entire bridge deck and protecting with a red sand asphalt carpet
Reconstruction of kerbs, footways and carriageways; cutting out eroded pointing to brick parapet inner faces and repair; recovering stone and copings and resetting in original positions; removal of vegetation from wing-walls and repointing brickwork; resealing open joints to wing-walls and parapet plinths
All associated traffic and pedestrian management.