Cast stone plinths, cash desks and stairs for well known multi-national store

thumb_RTC4Broadmead’s cast stone products can frequently be found in the retail environment, but it is more common for them to be used externally —for example cladding panels, cills and canopies for the outside of the shop.  However they can equally be used internally as was demonstrated by a large order received from a shopfitting specialist.

A well known multi-national  fashion store wanted to use a slate-type  finish for their display and point of sale units — and the shopfitter approached Broadmead to see if they could produce the required finish in concrete.

Samples were produced to demonstrate that concrete could be cast into the components required by the store.  Pigments were added to the concrete  to create a smoked stone finish and the units were then sealed to produce  a smooth, ‘polished’ surface.

When the samples had been approved a production plan was devised so that the bulk order—consisting of nearly 2000 plinths, 50 cash desks and other storage units—could be produced to meet the stores shopfitter’s requirements.  The units were sent to stores all over the world in places as diverse as China and  St. Petersburg as well as throughout Europe and the USA.

Broadmead subsequently received a further order to provide the stairs for several of the stores  and produced stair treads and landings to the same finish.